About Freshline Organics

Freshline Organics grows certified organic fruit and vegies and sells them directly to the public through its home delivery service and at Farmers' Markets.
Owner Werner Fritsch has been growing certified organic fruit and vegies since 1992. After nine years of wholesaling his produce, he branched into home deliveries and Freshline Organics was born.
In 2008, Freshline Organics became incorporated and since then has branched out further into particpating at several Farmers' Markets.
The successful combination of farming and supplying directly to the end consumer has placed Freshline Organics in a unique position to guarantee extra-fresh produce.
Because there is no middleman between our farm and the end consumer, most organic items are picked and delivered within 48 hours.
This combination has also enabled us to greatly reduce the "continuity of supply" problems which plague the organic industry in Western Australia.
Another ongoing problem in the organic industry is "consistency of quality".
While we have little control over the quality of fruit and vegetables we need to buy from organic wholesalers, we can and do guarantee that all the fruit and vegetables grown by us at our Serpentine farm are of the highest standard.
From the beginning we have aimed to provide a service with maximum choice, convenience, consistency and freshness to consumers who are looking for top quality organic produce.
Therefore, if at any time a customer finds an unsatisfactory item we gladly credit the corresponding amount towards his/her next order.
Please contact us to find out more and/or to provide us with feedback, suggestions or any other comments you may have.
Thank you
0422 531 531