Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the produce come from?
We grow a wide selection of certified organic vegies on our certified organic farm.
To provide you with the widest possible range of fresh certified organic produce, we source additional certified organic vegies, fruit, nuts and other groceries produced locally and interstate.
You will see the origin of each item next to its name on the corresponding online shopping page.
Can I customise my order?
Yes – you can put together your choice of organic vegies, fruit, nuts and other groceries or you can add extra items (from any category) to your seasonal box so you get exactly what you want, and how much you want.
For customised orders, a minimum value of $50 applies (excluding delivery).
Can I have a standing/recurring order?
Yes – contact us to schedule a weekly or fortnightly delivery of a seasonal organic box of your choice and take the hassle out of ordering.
If you need to skip a delivery, that’s fine too: just remember to email us by 10am on Tuesday (to cancel a Wednesday delivery).
What if I make a mistake in my shopping online order form?
Don't worry! Before you send/submit your online order, a complete summary of your order will appear on the screen.
If you want to delete an item from your order or change the quantity of an item you have ordered, you can do so on the summary screen ... ie. you don't have to go back to the order page. Simply make the required amendment on the screen and then (don't forget to) click Recalculate at the bottom of the screen.
The new total cost will then appear. Similarly, your name, contact details and address for delivery will appear in the summary page. If there are any mistakes you can correct them at that point. If you forget to complete any of the essential fields, the online order form will alert you and will only accept the order after you have completed all required fields.
Once your online order has been successfully submitted, you will receive an automatically generated email confirmation in which all the details of your online order are listed.
In addition to this, we will contact our first-time customers by phone to confirm delivery and payment arrangements.
Delivery: what day and time will my order arrive?
All orders in our delivery area are delivered on Wednesday, usually between 10-5pm.
Unfortunately, it's not possible to be more precise. Therefore, clear arrangements need to be in place in the event that you are not at home at the time of delivery (see next question).
What if I'm not home when you deliver?
No problem: our produce is delivered in a foam esky to keep fresh for several hours pior to refrigeration.
When placing your order, make sure you enter instructions explaining where to leave the order (eg. inside garage, on front verandah – make sure we can gain access) in the Message Field on the payment page.
Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for the safety of your box after we have delivered it.
Can I have a different delivery and home address?
You can specify a delivery address that is different from your home address by entering the delivery address details in the Address for Delivery field.
Also, if your delivery address changes, please draw our attention to this by adding a comment in the Comment field.
Do you charge a delivery fee?
Yes – our standard delivery fee is $10. Depending on the location and/or access difficulties, some suburbs in our delivery area are subject to a delivery surcharge.
Tip to save on delivery: enlist a friend, have both orders delivered to the same address and share the delivery fee, so you will pay half each.
Payment: when and how will my payment be processed?
Orders must be paid by Visa or Mastercard. We debit your card manually after packing your order, prior to delivery.
You can provide your credit card details over the phone or by entering your credit card details on the secure payment page of our internet shopping trolley.
Once we have received your credit card details, you do not need to re-enter them for subsequent orders! Simply type in 1111 1111 1111 1111 and we will use the details we have on file.
What if I have to cancel my order?
No problem! Just make sure you send us an email or SMS by 12 noon on the Tuesday (for orders due to be delivered that week). This way there will be no cancellation fee.
For cancellations received after 12 noon Monday but before dispatch (Wednesday), a $20 cancellation fee may be charged.
Cancellations need to be made in writing to prevent misunderstandings (remember to include customer name and delivery date).
0422 531 531