Organic Fruit

Availability as at 18 February 2019

kg of bananas
(min order 1kg) (Queensland)
$7.50 per kilogram

125gm punnets of blueberries
$8.50 per punnet

kg of Dawn Green seedless grapes
(min order 300g) (local)
$18 per kilogram

kg of Red Globe grapes
(min order 300g) (local)
$13.50 per kilogram

single kiwi fruit
$1.20 each

single limes
$1 each

single mangoes
$2 each

single Honeydew melon
$6 each

kg of oranges
(South Australia)
$6.50 per kilogram

single pineapples
(sold whole only) (Queensland)
$12.50 each
Dried fruit

100g packs of dried cranberries
$6 per 100g pack

100g packs of dried figs
$5 per 100g pack

250g packs of prunes
$5.25 per 250g pack

200g packs of sultanas
$4 per 200g pack
Note: The total value of your customised order (across all food categories) needs to be at least $50 (excluding delivery).
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