Points to remember when ordering with Freshline Organics

Can I choose what fruit and vegetable I receive?

You can place a customized order of certified organic fruit and vegetable (and add-ons)via our website, as long as the total value of the items you order is at least $80.If you have clear preferences or allergies, this is the way to go. If you like most fruit and vegetables, you might like to order one of our seasonal boxesinstead. Even when ordering a seasonal box you can nominate up two items that you do not wish to receive; we will then substitute those items with another product;

I want to receive a seasonal box every week (or every fortnight) – do I have to place a new order every week?

If you would like to receive one of our seasonal boxes every week (or every fortnight), we can enter this request on our system and you do not have to contact us to receive your order - except when you need to cancel or suspend an order.  Please note: if you have nominated a specific item (or two) that you do not wish to receive in your box, this request will be applied each week, (in other words: you cannot nominate a different item every week)

How and when do I pay for my order?

At the time of placing your order on our website, you will NOT be asked for your credit card details; instead, we will contact you after you have placed your first order andobtain your credit card details over the phone and keep your credit on file (on a computer not connected to the internet); we will debit your credit card manually after your order has been packed, to ensure that the amount debited is consistent with what
was packed; e.g. if an item your ordered is unavailable the amount we debit you’re your credit card will be adjustd to reflect this.

After Delivery

On what day will my order be delivered?
When you place your first order we will contact you (usually on the next business day) to
advise you of the delivery day; this will be your delivery day also for future orders, unless we contact you and advise you of a change

At what time will my order be delivered?
Order will generally delivered during business hours; it is not possible to be more specific; our drivers are instructed not to use the phone while on the road.

Do I have to be at home when my order is delivered?
You do not have to be at home when your delivery arrives, but you must ensure that our
driver has access to your property; our driver will place the box next to front door (or an agreed place) if we cannot gain access to your property, your order will be left outside the gate.

Why do I receive email notifications advising me that my order has been received/ packed/shipped/debited – this has even happened when I haven’t placed an order!

The software attached to our online store generates automatic emails; we have limited control over these Emails: please ignore them; We do not send out email confirmation to advise you when your order has been packed, shipped or debited; we will contact you only when there is a problem with your order (or your payment), and such contact will
be either via telephone or via an email, that contains a proper signature and a contact phone number